I have felt excellent results using a pyramid shape Harmonizer EMF neutralizer provided by EMF-EMRProtectors.com. I work in front a computer screen for most of the day, and used to feel completely drained at the end of my work day. Since I started using the neutralizer my energy level stays up all day and I still feel energized at the end of my day. This device is not only effective in neutralizing harmful EMF (using a dosing rod I noticed that its influence extend several feet around it), but it is also a beautiful piece of art. I love it.

Eric Streicher, PhD

I am very happy with the emf phone protector and the pyramid that I purchased from Adriana. I used to get headaches from cellphone calls that lasted longer than 30 minutes. After placing the protector on my phone, the cellphone headaches stopped. I loved that she tested her products in my presence so that I could be sure that they work -unlike the counterfeits that I had been purchasing online. I also bought cell phone tower protectors from her and she made sure that they were placed correctly. I highly recommend her emf protection products to anyone concerned about the damaging effects of emf.

Ari H.

Pyramid Harmonizers
November 30, 2015

I bought a small pyramid harmonizer from Adriana at a seminar we attended together in August to put in our house, as we have a lot of electronic devices. My 16 year old stepson has 2 large computers, 2 large monitors, his cell phone, Ipod and TV in his room. He is a computer prodigy and spends a lot of time in his room using his electronic devices. I put the pyramid in his room for 2 weeks, and then took it out to see if he noticed a difference (he was VERY skeptical that he would notice anything).

After 4 days, I asked him if he felt a difference without the pyramid being in his room. He told me he didn’t know if he did or didn’t, so I put it back in his room. A week later, I asked him again if he noticed a difference. He told me that he can switch gears and be spontaneous now. Before the pyramid, he said he had a very hard time stopping one task and starting another. He had trouble stopping and walking away from his computer(s), and had trouble relaxing and falling asleep. The biggest overall improvement is his ability to be spontaneous in his life now.

I have also noticed that he hangs out in his room with his friends a lot more now. His friends stay and spend a lot more time with him in his room since the addition of the pyramid harmonizer. His confidence, social life and sleep patterns has greatly improved. Since, I have purchased 3 more pyramids from Adriana: 1 large pyramid for our living room, and 2 medium pyramids (1 for each bedroom). I exchanged the small pyramid for one of the medium ones in his room (he is no longer skeptical), and now the small pyramid is in our office. Our entire house is protected now. It is money well spent. Thank You Adriana.

Santa Cruz, CA

We are using the radiation protections products on all of our Apple devices and we like them!

Lisa H